Monday, November 28, 2011

A Week Without the Races

Well a week without racing. I bet I’m not the only one that’s starting to think about withdrawl!

Big L, Lonnie Hastings, texted me and I texted him back and asked if he’d got plenty of turkey and football. He said the turkey was interesting but he had not interest in the football. He also texted me that the turkey day race at Boot Hill Speedway in Louisiana got rained out.

This weekend we had 15 people at the house. They were interested in shopping at Michaels, beer, and football games. LarrE traveled to family in Ohio so he didn’t get any racing in either. Lee Hardie drove 4 hours to a race he thought was going to be on Friday -- turned out it was going to be on Saturday. He already had other arrangements for Saturday. I once drove 242 miles to a sp car race with my brother Dan. We had a flyer in the car for the sprint car race. We got there and nobody was there except the guy mowing the grass. We asked about the race, and he said it had been called off two days before. What’s the farthest you’ve gone to see a race that wasn’t?

My Miss Sharyl flew 1248 miles to go the races with me and we got rained out for three days. But it was a pretty nice three days…and that was before we got married. Anybody got any good rain out stories? I had 9 rain checks in my billfold at one time. I think I caught all the races except 2. This writing stuff’s kinda hard when you don’t have races to write on… perhaps I’ll drudge up some kind of story. A real racer wouldn’t have to drudge up a story he could make up one.

Thought you might be interested in this correspondence. We requested credentials to the IMIS show in Indianapolis. We received the following response from Joe Crowly and Ron Green:

Thank you for your interest in the 2011 International Motorsports Industry Show. Your request for med credentials has been denied. Media credentials are assigned to working news media providing coverage of the show and its participants. If you have received this email either you are not a working member of the news media or IMIS did not feel your outlet met its requirements of a news media outlet.

We responded:

Dear Joe or Ron,

We have over 50,000 pages of racing info and reporters that cover from all 50 states this year. Could you please let me know why we did not qualify as media. Thank you in advance.

Roger Bathe, Editor

Their most recent response:

Thank you for your interest in the IMIS Show. To uphold the integrity of the IMIS Show, we must be very stringent in the access provided. Only media truly on assignment are granted permission to have access to the show. We thank you for your understanding.

Ron Green True Speed Communications.

We’ve been covering the PRI show in Orlando Florida since the inception of the site, and this will be our 11th year. They’ve treated us the same when we had 100 people on our site as they do now that we have a million. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the PRI Show with three reporters covering it for YOU! Check out our coverage next week.

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