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World Dirt Track Championship at Texas Motor Speedway.

World Dirt Track Championship at Texas Motor Speedway.

September 19, 2001

Texas Motor Speedway, TX

Rain out the first night only made for a super full day of racing on Saturday.

242 teams joined the racing from across the county.

Late Model winner was Ray Moore #93. Sport Modified winner was Troy Taylor in the #56 car, and the Modified winner was Clyde Dunn, Jr. in #88.

This was the best dirt tracking racing I’ve ever seen since moving to Texas. The afternoon track was dusty, and I thought: “How are they gonna run this whole show?”

Lanny Edwards, Jr. from Devil’s Bowl Speedway was the dirt guy, and he had an absolute great race track for the second half of the racing. There were 2 inches of rain Friday night made the track look like it was going be tacky… and the 3 rd lap of the first feature in the day we had dust.

When they finished with the first day’s program - and they cut the track with a road grater - there was dust behind the road grater blade as they skimmed it off…I thought “no way!”

Lanny and his crew went to work, and the race track for the evening was absolutely super…..

The Late Model feature was last after they’d ran heats and Cs and Bs…and both of the Modified features … Ray Moore came out of the 5th row to win. If you don’t have a race track you can’t do that.

In the first Modified Feature, Troy Taylor in the #56 car got to 5th and couldn’t move anymore. He went to the high side, he dropped three more positions to 8th, and he kept working the high side until it came in. Pretty soon he was in 7th…a few laps more he was 6th….a few laps more he was 5th…and the crowd was on their feet! He got to the 3rd place car, and he never gave up on the top groove. He made it work. On the white flag lap, coming out of #2 - while going down the back stretch - he passed the lead car for the win.

A crowd of my est. of 2800 people were ALL on their feet!

Clyde Dunn, “Lil freaky”, in the #88 car must have been watching Troy’s run because he came out and went to the high side from the start and totally dominated the Modified feature from the pole. Several Yellow flags gave others a chance but they had no chance with Clyde’s driving. He ran so hard and so high that he hit the wall twice in the last five laps. It was an example of you didn’t have to have passing to have excitement. The pits were wall to wall race cars…every place you looked there were race cars. Show went off without a hitch it was done at 11:15. Thanks to the great staff at Texas Motor Speedway. The sponsor of the event was Port-a-Cool. You really should look into their products. I think every trailer needs a Port-a-Cool… especially in Texas when we’ve had 68 100+ degree days. A 2.4 amp trailer box is $500.

Photo Coverage by Wild Wayne and Rog on Texas Racing Photos page.

Scott Bloomquist and Scott Bloomquist Cars continue to dominate the top end Late Model Racing across the country….As Scott won again at Winchester, Virginia.

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42 crate models showed up at Cleveland co speedway in NC for the Bill Hendren Memorial.