Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet in the Suite!


They misspelled it when they spelled it “suite”…they should have spelled it "sweet". 


But for the sponsors it was an absolutely great opportunity to interact with potential customers.  Everybody had a scanner.  They had three different TVs.  They had the cowboy game on so you didn’t miss out. 

Carl came up for about 15 minutes and talked to everybody.  I asked Carl if he was going to do anymore dirt track racing because that’s where he came from.  He said if he wins the championship he’ll definitely be back at the dirt track.  He said he got hurt in Omaha in the Modifieds – he dislocated his thumb.  He said he’s got 250 people who depend on him plus the sponsors.  “I wanna win a championship like you wouldn’t imagine.  I should devout every ounce of my strength I’ve got to win a championship.  If I went out and got a concussion or something ….it just wouldn’t be the right move for everybody. But that said, if I win this champ, ill be at the dirt track next year. The only think I’ve been doing is Tony Stewart’s deal in the Late Model at Eldora.    

On Saturday when I went to the Nationwide Race.  As we started pulling up my heart was beating - I though just like when I was a little kid.  God, do I love the races: the interaction, the fair atmosphere, the people, everybody flying their colors, flags, jackets, and a great crowd to see the Nationwide Race.  Anybody that thinks Nascar is not healthy isn’t at the races.  Twenty year old Trevor Bayne showed them all the way home.  This deal’s not rocket science, you can either do it or you can’t.  The fact that a 20-year-old can win at Daytona and win at Texas proves that. 

Tony and Carl, two dirt track guys, battling for the championship.  Tony won the race, lead the most laps, and he only gained 5 points on Carl.  Carl’s still 3 points ahead…he ran second.  There was opportunity for both to do dumb stuff on restarts and instead, both of them raced.  I think they like racing each other. 
Last week Tony said: “Carl’s not going to get much sleep in the next three weeks.”  I should have asked Carl about the sleep.  But it’s closer now than it was. 

Two to go: Pheonix and homestead.  LuvRacin has the Goose on the way to Pheonix and Rog and Miss Sharyl are heading for Homestead for the Final!  Gonna miss Corky’s Parts Peddler show in Syracuse, NY.  But James Brown, J Fish, and Mike Scattaglia will be there. 

Next week it’s back to the dirt tracks!  And reopening of the old Grand Prairie speedway, now called mountain creek speedway.  That’ll probably be the last race before NE Smith world Crate Championships and Florida at the PRI show.  If you see us at the shows, or see LuvRacin shirt anywhere, and you have any ideas on how we can make the site better for you, stop us and tell us. is YOUR racing network. 

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