Monday, November 14, 2011

Mountain Creek Speedway Opening!

Mountain Creek Speedway in Grand Prairie Texas.

I wonder if I can count this as a new race track. I think I will just for my own ego! Grand Prairie opened this weekend under the guidance of Charlie Upchurch and J.C. Howell. Lots of people loved that old place, and it’s had trouble getting consistency in the last couple of years. But if this weekend was any indication - they’ve got the right people in there. They ran 18 races including the SST Sprints. The Sprint feature was over at a quarter ‘til 10pm. Smiley always puts on a great show. Ryan Beechler took the win. They flipped a car less than 6 minutes ‘til the restart. Now that’s a real well run open wheel place any where you go.

I like Grand Prairie because the dirt’s black. This is the closest thing to Illinois and Indiana dirt in Texas. I know 25 or 30 people that ran at Grand Prairie that didn’t run anywhere else after Grand Prairie closed…and their cars are still in their garage.

The place looked really good: it had new paint, cleaned up, and the restrooms were clean and nice. Food was reasonable! Got a hot link, bag of chips, and a coke for $3.50! Usually at the race track if the food’s good the race will be good too. They sold outta everything so people liked the food. I think they’re gonna be a Fri. night track…Dallas Bcould use another Friday night track. It’s half way between Boyd and Rpm. I had some people that had called and asked if it was safe to go there because they heard it was in a rough part of town. It’s less than ¾ mile from the Interstate. When’s the last time you’ve heard of anyone getting mugged at the races??? (Unless you were driving a car!) Track lighting was great and so was the pit lighting. Check out the photos because they had a good crowd, too.

Lonnie Hastings got a new camera. Everybody knows Lonnie as “Big L”. He and Sherry catch as many races as I do. It’ll be interesting to see how Lonnie’s new camera works. Mike Scattaglia, outta New York, sent me a little email. It said: “The final night of racing action at Paradise Speedway 11/12/11. Now for the next few months as the snow will fly this photographer will settle in for a long winter of boredom...can't wait for spring...” Man I feel sorry for you guys in the North!!!! Mike’s about as far North as you can get in New York.

Goose went to Phoenix to cover the Carl and Tony Show. Saw some idiot somewhere said they outta change the point system because Tony had won four races but Carl’s run three places in front of Tony. I like the point system…don’t change the point system! It’s real easy to know what Tony’s gotta do… he’s gotta get three more points than Carl gets.
Carl thinks he’s gonna win the race! And Rog and Miss Sharyl are flying down there Friday to be at the final.


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