Monday, April 23, 2012

New People, More Coverage

Tony Stewart’s always in the lead paragraph. He won the ASCS sprint car race at Lincoln, NE Saturday night. Goose covered it. He wins in a variety of cars in a variety of places. I know he’s the best since Foyt. AJ Foyt was the best race car driver I ever saw. Mario Andretti was the most talented and smoothest race car driver I ever saw. Scott Bloomquist is the smartest racecar driver I ever saw. Tony luv’s racin. Geez, he’s won in go karts this year, Sprint cars this year. He’s won prelude to the dream in a Late Model. He’s won in Indy Cars. He’s been the champion in Midgets and Sprint cars. And most important, Tony hasn’t forgotten his roots; he continues to help promote racing at every level – not just the top. Thank you, Tony! Denny Hamlin won the cup race at Kansas with Tony’s old crew chief. Martin Truex ran second, and had a couple of real good tries. All the Toyotas are running better this year. Truex is 2nd in points, and the Joe Gibbs guys are doing great. On to Richmond where I Think VA Dirt will have coverage. It was a little too cool Friday night to go to the races so I went to Joe’s Crab Shack and ate by myself. Sharyl’s still in Illinois, preparing the way (the move is going to be May the 11th). She found a Four-Leaf-Clover in the yard of the house we’re moving to, and she’s never found one before. She said it’s a good omen. Lucky Sharyl! Lucky me! I got to go to 2 racetracks in one night on a Saturday night! First I went to Cowtown Speedway which is always a great track with great racing. Jeff Martinez is doing a great job of getting the Cowtown crowd back. Then I went to Richard Snyder’s Kennedale Speedway Park. 25 cars in the A Modified Main. 24 cars in the Sport Mod main. 24 cars in the I-Stock main. Absolutely great racing. I talked to Doug Rollo and Neil Palmer who announce at Kennedale. (Neil also announces at Boyd Speedway on Friday night). They have a new deal going on at RacingWithNeil and they’re doing in-depth interviews with local drivers. They go to their shop to do it. Check it out at RacingWithNeil. If you can’t find it, we have a link on our Texas Link Page to Neil’s great site. I’m trying to get around to all the North Texas tracks before I go. I think next weekend I’ll go to HOT, Heart O Texas Speedway, on Friday night and either Ennis or Devil’s Bowl on Saturday night. Next week I think I’ll do RPM Speedway and Super Bowl Speedway. We need people to help from Dallas on South… if you’re interested in being a race reporter, contact me. VA Dirt covered the opening of Virginia Motor Speedway. We’re now starting to get coverage in the West VA and Penn area. Jon Aldridge is our new guy in West Virginia. He loves Late Models. He went to Roaring Knob Friday night where they had 10,000 people for the Lucas Oil Late Models. We’ve also got coverage from Bryan Chase. He’s our Pennsylvania guy. He went to the opening at Penn Can. Charity Price was holding down Diamond Park Speedway. Ina Morrell and her husband chase races all over the country. She came on with us, and she had some coverage of the USAC Midges at 311 Speedway. She has a really ambitious summer plan. I don’t have her page yet but it’ll be called Short Stuff Shots. There are 642 racing news stories posted on our racing news this week. Check out the news in your area! LuvRacinRog

Monday, April 16, 2012

Top that!

Greg Biffle won the race on a windy night in Texas. This put Jack Roush’s cars back up front. Hendrick didn’t win his 200th win even though Johnson dominated the lead. Johnson was gritty and daring. Biffle’s won Championships in every class he’s ever run in except the NASCAR sprint cup. If he wins the Sprint Cup Championship he’ll be the only person that won the trucks, the Nationwide, and the Sprint Cup. Carl Edwards recovered nicely to help his point situation. Tony used the back up car to finish 2 laps down.

Bob Sargent opened Macon Speedway to the tune of 116 cars and a full house. They had record crowds at Ooltewah, TN. Mountain Creek’s picking up a few cars every week. Local racing is healthy! Got rained out in Illinois all weekend. So I didn’t catch a race. James told me that William Gould had a heck of a run in Hobby Stock at Grayson County. I like to watch William run anything he’s running. There are some guys you just like. Johnny “The Jett” Saathoff, Don O’Neal, David Murray, they imbed themselves into your mind.

Scott Bloomquist won the $25,000 at Virginia Motor Speedway. VA Dirt has coverage!
Scott’s the smartest racecar driver I ever saw. Saw the pay-out for the MLRA Late Models at I-80 Speedway in Nebraska. It was higher than the ASCS Sprint Car payout. Check it out on the Nebraska State Racing News Page.

Charity Price had some great Drag Racing photos at Prescott Raceway in Arkansas.
Biggest racing in the country was this weekend at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC… cars go 4 wide racing. 230+ In a thousand feet! Unbelievable horsepower. I don’t like drag racing until I go and then the equipment makes my heart pound. Check out your local drag racing. 230 miles an hour in 1000 feet is amazing to me.

If you can top that this week, let me know!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Everything but a crowd

I went to Mountain Creek Speedway Friday night formally Outlaw Speedway, formally Grand Prairie Speedway, and it was hard to recognize the place; so much work had been done to clean it up and make it nice. Charlie Upchurch and crew have done a great job in refurbishing the place. They had 68 cars that showed up, a smooth, fast race track, and a program that was run with efficiency. Three Groove Racing had a lot of moves. They have a $2 hotlink that’s outta this world. I think the lighting may be the best at a race track in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They had give-a-ways for kids from Easter Baskets to bicycles. Security was visible from all over the place. And maybe 10% of the grandstands were full.

We all know the reasons (promoters in and out, shows that didn’t get paid for, points that didn’t get paid) they’re the decline. But there’s no reason for this racetrack not to succeed. Gather up a car-load and some kids who’ve never been to the races, and get down to Grand Prairie on Friday night. It’s only about a mile off of Loop 12.

Talked to Jeff Martinez, promoter at Cowtown speedway. He was there on Friday night. Talked about his Midget deal and how good it was. He said there was a $70,000 purse and they lost about $5000. They had 64 Midgets which is a great turn-out. He said they were going to run it again next year. I also saw the video of the tornado that came through Cowtown Speedway. There was some damage to the dragstrip but they still raced on Sunday.

I went to Grayson County Speedway for their opening Saturday night. I missed Harold Brown. He needs your prayers. Harold’s only missed 2 races at Grayson County Speedway since the speedway opened. Greg and Rana Cooper do such a good job. They had 84 cars and a full grandstand. Greg’s an old-time throw-back promoter. He’ll try anything. All the drivers marched down the front stretch and up in the grandstands, picked out a kid, and gave him a free HotWheels. also had autograph cards for the kids to sign, and there was lots of excitement.

Wild Wayne lost his phone and his camera. He had 16 bios and hundreds of update photos for Grayson County. If it turns up in one of your trucks or in your toolbox, please give it back to Wayne.

As I left Grayson County Speedway, sadness and nostalgia overwhelmed me. I made so many great friends here in Texas, and I’m going to miss seeing them in the pits and how they handle a car on the track.

The beauty of the net is that you can keep those contacts and see what’s going on with people. Whereas, if this was 10 years ago, it would have already just been the end.

I went to church Easter Sunday, and the pastors talk was that the end was the beginning.

So the sadness passed, and the anticipation of the move to Illinois rose.

Monday, April 2, 2012

1500 miles travelled this week!

Well… Tony didn’t win this week…but his car won! The last five laps of NASCAR is always certainly good. I thought it looked a little short on the seats again this week, but there’s nothing wrong with the racing. As usual at Martinsville Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson had to feel covered. Everybody was mad at David Reutimann, but I don’t think they outta be mad at Reuti. I thought the wreck looked like Clint Bowyer was a bull in a China Shop. Clint had a good car all day. But he took himself and Jeff and Jimmy out of it. Ryan Newman, Tony’s driver in the #39 snuck through for the win. So tony and his team and the people around him are batting over 50% for the last 16 races.

I took a lovely drive with my Sharyl from Texas to Warsaw, Mo. Ate at the Rusty Skillet. They had the best tenderloin I’ve ever had for supper. But let me warn you if there’s two of you, split one! I ate for an hour and 15 minutes and couldn’t get around it…had half left. Everybody had a box going out the door, and one guy said that he ate his tenderloin with his fried eggs in the morning. Went down to the river below Truman Dam, and watched them catch a lot of fish. Must have been 200 people and kids in the area. Now you might be wondering what that has to do with racing, but on Tuesday they had an open house in the meet and greet with Forrest Lucas at Lucas Oil Speedway. After going to the speedway I can see why Goose said he’d be jealous. Forrest Lucas only does things one way, and that’s the right way. I have photos of the speedway on my page, Winners. I will have a complete in-depth article on Forrest Lucas, the track and 254 mile-an-hour drag boats in a ¼ mile. They have an event coming up in June that will feature the drag boats in the daytime and the dirt tracks at night. 254 miles-an-hour on water in ¼ mile seems Extreme to me! Stay tuned for the proper date.

Didn’t go to the races Friday night because Sharyl has to start her job in Illinois on Monday, and she was leaving Saturday morning. So Friday night we went to Joe’s Crab Shack. We had Dungeness crabs, Queen crabs, and Snow crabs, and I’m sure glad I had that bib on. Now…I sure do miss my Sharyl.

Lucas Oil Late Model Series came to Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, TX. Scott Bloomquist, Jared Landers, Jimmy Owens, Steve Francis, and all the crew, along with a good smattering of locals, were involved. Lonestar Speedway is the best place to watch a race in Texas. It may be one of the best places in the United States. It’s the best-lit racetrack that I’ve ever been to. It’s better than The Dirt Track, and it’s better than Knoxville. 48 laps of green flag racing in the feature before the number 71 Real Deal Don O’Neal broke and slid up into the wall. I love watching Don O’Neal. I think I’ve watch Don O’Neal win a feature in Florida every year. When he runs the summer nationals it doesn’t matter if he’s first or tenth -- he always puts on a show. CJ Rayburn told me at lunch one day that Don had more ‘want-to’ than anybody. The evening was a lovely Texas spring evening. Just a little sweat on me. Huge crowd turned out for the Lucas Oil Late Models. Glad to see racing so healthy here. Jared Landers and Jimmy O put on a show. After the yellow flag they traded the lead 5 times in the last two laps. The track was fast and smooth and you just can’t get better racing than that.

Talked to Jay Brunson and his crew said they made their first trip tot the Winter Nationals in Florida this year. They went to East Bay, Volusia, and Bubba’s Raceway Park. They said they absolutely love it. They said Bubba’s Raceway Park had several things for the kids, and they had a song that they played for each driver. It just created a lot of excitement. They said if everybody ran their racetrack like Bubba’s they have a lot more people show up. It wasn’t just a race…it was a show.

LarrE went to the Midget Races at Ace Speedway in NC. Got a great shot of the Midget wreck. It’s on the front page this week. I made two trips to Ace Speedway and it was the cleanest, most professionally run place I’ve ever been. LarrE said they’d been through two other promoters since I’d been there, and it was still the cleanest, best-ran place he’d ever been. He said he’s definitely going back.

VADirt went to Winchester’s opening. Always great pictures from VA. Check them out on his page. Wild Wayne and James Brown (not the king of soul, but the king of sales) went to Lady Luck Speedway in Lubbock, TX. Wayne got 20 new bio forms which we outta have up next week. Bruce was at Diamond Park Speedway in Arkansas. Goose is getting a racecar ready to run. They had to buy new tires for the semi and put breaks on the trailer. I think they’re going to I-80 this week.

It’s up and ready to go. We need help to cover all these races. If you’re interested in being a reporter for send us an email to put Team 2012 in the subject line.