Monday, April 9, 2012

Everything but a crowd

I went to Mountain Creek Speedway Friday night formally Outlaw Speedway, formally Grand Prairie Speedway, and it was hard to recognize the place; so much work had been done to clean it up and make it nice. Charlie Upchurch and crew have done a great job in refurbishing the place. They had 68 cars that showed up, a smooth, fast race track, and a program that was run with efficiency. Three Groove Racing had a lot of moves. They have a $2 hotlink that’s outta this world. I think the lighting may be the best at a race track in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. They had give-a-ways for kids from Easter Baskets to bicycles. Security was visible from all over the place. And maybe 10% of the grandstands were full.

We all know the reasons (promoters in and out, shows that didn’t get paid for, points that didn’t get paid) they’re the decline. But there’s no reason for this racetrack not to succeed. Gather up a car-load and some kids who’ve never been to the races, and get down to Grand Prairie on Friday night. It’s only about a mile off of Loop 12.

Talked to Jeff Martinez, promoter at Cowtown speedway. He was there on Friday night. Talked about his Midget deal and how good it was. He said there was a $70,000 purse and they lost about $5000. They had 64 Midgets which is a great turn-out. He said they were going to run it again next year. I also saw the video of the tornado that came through Cowtown Speedway. There was some damage to the dragstrip but they still raced on Sunday.

I went to Grayson County Speedway for their opening Saturday night. I missed Harold Brown. He needs your prayers. Harold’s only missed 2 races at Grayson County Speedway since the speedway opened. Greg and Rana Cooper do such a good job. They had 84 cars and a full grandstand. Greg’s an old-time throw-back promoter. He’ll try anything. All the drivers marched down the front stretch and up in the grandstands, picked out a kid, and gave him a free HotWheels. also had autograph cards for the kids to sign, and there was lots of excitement.

Wild Wayne lost his phone and his camera. He had 16 bios and hundreds of update photos for Grayson County. If it turns up in one of your trucks or in your toolbox, please give it back to Wayne.

As I left Grayson County Speedway, sadness and nostalgia overwhelmed me. I made so many great friends here in Texas, and I’m going to miss seeing them in the pits and how they handle a car on the track.

The beauty of the net is that you can keep those contacts and see what’s going on with people. Whereas, if this was 10 years ago, it would have already just been the end.

I went to church Easter Sunday, and the pastors talk was that the end was the beginning.

So the sadness passed, and the anticipation of the move to Illinois rose.

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