Monday, March 5, 2012

You Might Need a New Crew Chief…

You Might Need a New Crew Chief…

Win the championship, swap your crew chief. Tony Stewart’s turning loose of Darian Grubb as Denny Hamlin leading the points in NASCAR. Joe Gibbs snatched him up, and put him with the intense Hamlin… and at the start of the season it looks like the perfect match. In the last couple of years Hamlin has won at the front of the field, dominated several races, and hasn’t been able to close because of problems in the pit and problems in the crew. This may be just the thing for Denny and Darian.

I went to Vegas with Sharyl over the weekend. And Kyle Busch sure has lots of advertisements on Vegas TV. I wondered why and then I thought: ‘heck it’s his hometown!’ And let me tell you something…Kyle Busch is a hometown hero. It’s nice to see good things for Kyle….and positive things for Kyle.

IMCA opened the season at Mountain Creek Speedway in Grand Prairie, Texas. And the feature was won by a car from Iowa driven by #19, Jammin’ Jimmy Gustin. I’ll tell you what… Charlie Upchurch and the crew has that speedway really looking sharp! It gives us another Friday night venue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

HOT opened! Great car count. Texas Motor Speedway has its World Dirt Track Championships. Great coverage by JM Hallas! There were over 150 Modifieds and Limited Modifieds. My mind’s a bit scattered. Sharyl and I are headed by for the MidWest. Lots of good racing but geez they’ve got snow!

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