Monday, March 12, 2012

First Win with New Chief!

Okay! Tony Stewart’s back in the Winners Circle in Cup. I think Tony’s going to be tough to beat. It’s his first cup win with his new crew chief, Steve Addington? Vegas said that the cup race adds $100 million to its economy.

VAdirt, LarrE, and Goose are all in action. Va dirt made it down to County Line Raceway in North Carolina. Lots of good racing happened as he covered their opening night. LarrE was busy! On Fri he covered the Carolina Clash preliminaries at Carolina Speedway in Gastonia, NC, just outside of Charlotte. He covered the I-77 Chester Speedway Car Show Saturday afternoon. And Saturday night he was back at Carolina Speedway covering the Carolina Clash Finals. Goose was at Las Vegas and he covered the ASCS-USAC Showdown, the World of Outlaws Sprints, and the Championship Late Model Association. All us guys in Texas got raaaaiiiined out again. So I missed out on the USMTS Modified Show at Heart of Texas Speedway in Waco and at Cowtown Speedway. Big L got rained out at Superbowl Speedway. USMTS seems to have a hard time when it comes to Texas. So we normally got great weather and every time they come in they get weathered-out. But…we’re glad to see the rain anyway…we need it so bad!

March is great month for openings. I love opening nights. One year I covered 18 opening nights from Florida to Illinois. Everybody’s got brand-new paint. Brand-new graphics. Brand-new cars! And they forgot just how easy it is to tear them up, and how hard it is to fix them. Everybody comes outta the garage thinking they’re going to be the track champ. Lots of winners in the winter… lots of track champs in the garage.

Between crutches and rain…I’ve yet to see my first race this season! We were going to cut back our schedule to about 60 races, but I still think we can make that easy. I wanted to get 24 new tracks…and I think that’s a good possibility. So follow us around and see how we do.

We’ve got a new reporter whose home track is Diamond Park in Arkansas. Her name is charity price. She’ll cover her first race for LuvRacin next weekend. Looking forward to it. We also have a new reporter in the PA area named Brian Chase. Been active in racing scene up there for many years and I’m sure we’re going to get some great coverage outta Pennsylvania. He will be at Selinsgrove Speedway next weekend.

Hey, don’t forget to take a new kid to the races even if it’s the neighbor’s kid!


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