Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still.....Tony, Tony, Tony...

Tony wins the NASCAR Championship. Tony wins the Kart Race at IMIS. Tony wins the Rumble at Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I think that they’ve should put out a notice to all the drivers that “you better watch cause Tony’s back in form.” When he got outta the car at Napa he said “Well the fattest guy won.” His win at Fort Wayne was stellar, and he’ll be at the Chili Bowl again this year. Check out last year’s coverage of the Chili Bowl on our Special Events page! Goose and VA Dirt will be there this year covering the Chili Bowl for us. We will have results everyday; we’ll have photos everyday. If I had money to bed I’d bet on Tony Stewart.

Last year was the first time I went to the Chili Bowl. I saw the best Midget race that I’ve ever seen in my whole life on the feature! On Saturday they took 16 midgets before they got to the D. There was action everywhere – super racing. High and low, slide jobs, flips, last lap passes…what more could you want? Perfect track. If it’s not on your bucket list it should be on your bucket list.

64 midgets at the coin, tuning up to the child bowl and 100 plus at Ft. Wayne. 200 + Midgets at the Chili Bowl. So… it looks like winter time is Midget action!

USMTS Tour this year has over 2 million in prizes posted already. It’s about time that Modifieds start getting the same recognition as some of the other classes. I talked to Cory Dripps – Dirt Night. He said they would be filming in 2012 for Dirt Night’s return in 2013.

World Dirt Track Championship at Texas Motor Speedway on March 2 and March 3 kicks off the North Texas Racing Season.


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