Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keep on Raining

Goose is on his way to the Chili Bowl. VA Dirt is on his way to the Chili Bowl. Rog is still on crutches – It sucks! I talked to Lonnie Hastings, and he said there wasn’t going to be a banquet at RPM this year. He said the Super Bowl Banquet that, James and Becky Bryant put on, will be January the 21. It’s raining in Tx! First rain that we’ve had all day long so long as I can remember. I hope it keeps raining. Last fall there was tracks that didn’t run: Devil’s Bowl, Grayson County Speedway, Abilene, and Waco: all four of them missed shows for lack of water. Everybody prays we don’t get rained out on the weekend and we didn’t get rained out any last year. Tony Hernandez is going to fill in for Greg Cooper at Grayson County while Greg is taking a travelling job with Traxxx RC cars.

LarrE Ervin covered the first show for us this year…Legends at Charlotte Motor Speedway, NC. LarrE covered 88 racing events last year for There’s no schedule for Winter Nationals at Speedworld but lots of other action. See the Winter Nationals schedule on our Florida racing page. Lots of good things in the works for the New Year. Mountain Creek Speedway will be running on Friday night…so that’ll give us three Friday night tracks in Dallas and one in Waco.

I did 72 events at 26 tracks in 5 states in 2011. 12 of the tracks were new tracks. I’d like to do 30 different tracks this year…18 of them new. But only about 60 events. That way I can take Sharyl out one night a week.

We need development help across the Midsouth. We need reporters to get bios. We’re creating a local racing history on I get emails every week from somebody that says “Do you know who the photographer was back in 1982 at (insert) track”… “Do you know where I can find some pictures of my dad at Thunderbird Speedway in a’89?” There are 250,000 plus photos of local racing on we’d like your track to be part of that history.

I think Kurt Busch may have the right owner in Phoenix Racing. He said that he was used to working with rough people in the construction steel business and a lot of people cussed. Said the only reason he was racing was to win and if he had to cuss a little win it wouldn’t be bad. I hope Kurt does well. And I hope Kyle takes a lesson. At this time David Reagan looks like the odd man out. Kid with so much talent and suck a great personality. You can go to Lowes on Tuesday night and David will be down there racing or helping. I’ve seen him come down to Florence and run when they had the Legends down there…I hope David finds a ride.

AJ Allmendinger got to ride in the Penske car. AJ will go to the front. I think Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, and AJ Allmendinger are the three people to watch this year.

All three are open wheel guys.

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