Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I hope everything is OK.

Hello Rog, I live in Texas , met you at 281 Speedway one night and sure have enjoyed following your website. I hated to see you leave Texas as you did a ton for racing here in this area. But, I know you were moving back home to Illinois .
I noticed you haven't posted any photos or new articles/entries in awhile on your "writers" page. I hope everything is OK.

Your tremendous amount of hard work and effort covering racing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Tuesday April the 2nd I got this letter from +Wes Games, down at 281 Speedway, Stevensville TX. The letter did several things for me:

#1. It made me feel really good that somebody notices how hard we work at trying to promote racing.

#2. You have no idea of how bad I’m missing Texas and all the racing people.

#3. Made me realize I wasn’t taking care of things the way I should with my column.

Now I’m gonna make my excuses and then we’ll get on with this thing. Its April 3rd we’ve snow in the effin ditches! They ran at LaSalle last week and they had to take a end-loader to clear off the track. It was the $10,000 to win Late Models Spring Thaw. Brian Birkhofer was the winner. There wasn’t another race within 250 miles!

LarrE down in South Carolina got to go to Lancaster Speedway for the $30,000 to win Carolina Crown that Jonathan Davenport won. I saw Jonathan run at the Winter Nationals down in Florida. He’s always been BAD fast but this year he was GOOD fast. And you knew he was gonna have a breakout. I’m happy to see it happen for him.

In South Carolina you can catch a race every single week. The tracks close at Thanksgiving and they don’t open ‘til the first of March. But, in between someone is having a race every week. So… if you’ve got the bug you can go. In Texas the tracks all close at the end of October, but each weekend, a different track runs a big 2 or 3 day race to finish the year. This that goes on until the first week of December. In Texas they say they’re gonna start again the 1st of February, but they can’t do it cause it rains a lot until the 2nd week of March.

I used to go to Flordia for the Winter Nationals, and when I came back from the Winter Nationals everyone was racing. It made in nice and easy for me to get to a race. LarrE has gone to over 20 races this year so far! VADirt has covered over 10. Goose has been to 6 different race tracks and he lives in Colorado! But here I am in this God-forsaken place, out on the prairie, with snow in the ditches the first week in April. So those are my excuses, and they’re not very good. Sorry you have got so little from me , but we have had you a lot of coverage from our other LuvRacin Reporters. Check it out!

I started out dissing this GEN 6 car from NASCAR, but I think it’s a race car. The last three races have been really good. If people didn’t like what happened at California Speedway then they don’t like racing! The finish was fantastic. The car is racey, and it’s not easy to pass, but you can pass. They had several leaders in the race. Kurt Busch got penalized had to go to the back and made a run for the front. I really like what he’s doing in the Furniture Row car. Regardless of what you think about them, the Busch boys can drive race cars.

Kyle Busch led most of the race, and he had fallen back just a little bit. Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin were battling for the lead. Ever since they split up as teammates at Joe Gibbs racing, the two have been going back and forth…even sharing words on Twitter. In the last 15 laps they put on an absolutely great race. On the last restart Joey was leading and he went low to block Stewart and shut Tony’s run off. This seemed to make Tony really upset, and after the race he went up and punched him! And Joey punched him back.

In the race for the win with Denny Hamlin they wrecked each other. Kyle Busch went by on the high side and ended up winning the race. Denny Hamlin ended up in the hospital with broken vertebrae in his back. He’s out for “6 weeks”. I’ve seen other drivers with the same injury and they were out for the whole year. I hope that’s not the case with Denny. I think the reason that everybody’s mad at Logano is, that every race this year he’s been there at the end. He’s gonna start winning and live up to all the hype that everyone gave him when he came into the series.

We’ve got several new reporters at LuvRacin! Craig Gabriele, out of Connecticut, is covering the Asphalt Modified at Stafford Speedway and Waterford Speedbowl. Not only does he shoot pictures but he writes! Read his stuff on his page. Full throttle on the writers photographers page. Pete Smith also writes. He’s in Ohio. He covered the opener at Attica and it’s kind of a family milestone in the spring for Pete when Attica opens. I think he’s been going there 20 years with his father Mike. You can read his stuff on the writers and photographers page: Buckeye Openwheel. Eating Dirt with big Steve is Steve Wright’s column, but Steve doesn’t write. He’s got pictures of Jackson County. He’s also in Ohio. And then there’s Jenn Wasnea who just covered LaSalle as her first time reporting for LuvRacin! This week she’ll be at the World of Outlaw Illini 100 in Farmer City. So we’ve got four new reports covering racin for you across the country.

As for me, I’m going to be at Illini 100 and the opening at Macon! My favorite track!

If you weren't there you missed out.  +LuvRacinRog

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